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Title: LIONS    Author: Lee Server

9 x 12 3/4 in. (235 x 325mm) 72 pages. Hardcover. Over 80 illustrations. Of all animals, the lion is one of the most intriguing. Venerated as a symbol of strength for thousands of years, its place in nature as a fierce and powerful predator is no less striking. Here is the story of the only social animals in the cat family, known for their preference for living in close family groups called "prides." Held together by bonds of mutual trust, pride members become killing teams that completely cooperate in the tracking, stalking, and taking of prey. From the great game reserves of Kenya to the more remote corners of Uganda, this volume provides an action-packed look at the hunting techniques, mating rituals, and complex life of the King of Beasts, vividly illustrated with 80 full-color photographs.
ISBN:      978-1-59764-349-8
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