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Title: NAPOLEON (LARGE)    Author: Eric Ledru

9 1/2 X 13 1/2 in. 132 pages. Hardcover. 80 full-color and archival illustrations. Here is a brilliant new interpreatation of Napoleon's epic tale. This richly illustrated volume sheds new light on one of the most written about figures in modern history and gives us a fascinating in-depth study of Napoleon's life and deeds. Though his reign was short and ended in bitter defeat, he forever changed European life. He dismantled the feudal world sybbolized by the Holy Roman Empire, abolished the Inquisition, and reformed civil law by establishing the Napoleonic Code. Never have subsequent events so convincingly proven the vanquished to be right. The vividly written and insightful text, enhanced by reproductions of historic paintings, illustrations of battle scenes, and replicas of authentic documents, make this volume a valuable addition to the library of layman and scholar alike.
ISBN:      978-1-57717-303-8
Retail Price:     $24.95
Your Price:     $21.21
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