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Title: ALTERNATIVE HEALTH THERAPIES    Author: Denise Whichello Brown & Sandra White

8 1/2 x 11 in. 224 pages. Hardcover. This volume discusses the origins and principles of the ancient healing arts of aromatherapy, rereflexology, and massage. Today, these treatments are widely recognized as relaxing and beneficial ways to optimize physical health and enhance mental and emotional well-being. Designed for those with an interest in alternative health measures, this book provides clear, concise insights into the benefits the following types of treatment. Aromatherapy is a combination of special healing oils with massage. Instruction is given on massage techniques as well as remedies and treatments for everyday ailments. In addition, there is an invaluable directory to essential oils and their properties and uses. Massage has its basis in touch, the oldest and simplest of all therapies, as well as one of the most relaxing ways to restore physical and mental health. A demonstration of therapeutic and sensual massage explores techniques for re-energizing and revitalizing your life. Reflexology is most familiar as a foot therapy. However, its healing benefits can be equally achieved through treatment of the hands. Once mastered, this technique can be used to soothe headache, insomnia, muscular pain, stress, and circulatory problems. In this book, an authoritative text is accompanied by simple step-by-step instructions and photographs to illustrate a number of enjoyable and beneficial therapies that can be used by both beginners and more advanced practitioners.
ISBN:      978-1-57717-217-8
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