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Title: PARROTS    Author: Ben Sonder

9 x 12 3/4 in (235 x 325mm) 72 pages. Paperback. Over 80 illustrations. The acrobatic antics of parrots have long delighted humans. These much loved birds are still cherished as pets, and the more exotic their plumage, the more desirable they are. Here is a vivid look at the wide variety of parrot species found in the Americas, the Pacific, Asia, and Africa, brilliantly captured in 80 full-color photographs. Their value to the pet market and the growing degradation of their habitats mean that conservation for these creatures is increasingly necessary. The lessons learned in this vibrant and colorful volume will give a greater understanding of the place and importance of these magnificent birds in the wild.
ISBN:      978-1-59764-330-6
Retail Price:     $9.95
Your Price:     $8.46
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