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Title: WOLVES    Author: Leonard Lee Rue III

9 x 12 3/4 in. (235 x 325mm) 80 pages. Hardcover. 100 illustrations. The wolf is an intelligent and elusive animal which has been feared by man as a dangerous predator for centuries. In addition to attacking lifestock, the wolf has also been blamed for many attacks on humans. Only recently has the wolf's true nature been understood due to increasing studies of its habits and annual cycles. This volume details the anatomical structure and sensory capabilities of the animal, and follows the wolf through the changing seasons to reveal its behavior patterns. There are explanations of hunting tactics, mating rituals, territoriality, and pack order, and finally, denning and birth. With 100 vivid full-color photographs, the story of this largest member of the canine family is geographically brought to life.
ISBN:      978-1-59764-358-0
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